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... dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal"- A.Lincoln

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I´m a salteña (northern argentina), 37 years old.

I´ve travelled around the world last 10 years and I have been teaching Spanish on the way.


Now, I´m living in Buenos Aires and  I´m  turist assistance. I speak Spanish, English and hebrew. I have experience like a  volunteer and Ulpan coordinator   in  Kibutz Ramat Hahofet (Israel).



Ester Carrizo

"I do believe kids need to have the opportunity to learn language and develope their comunication skills"
Ester Carrizo is  the program coordinator. She loves the outdoors and likes to travel and meet people.

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Soy salteña de 37 años.

He viajado alrededor del mundo los ultimos 10 años y he enseñado Español en el camino.

Ahor vivo en Buenos Aires , enseño Español y asisto a turistas. Hablo Español, Inglés y Hebreo.

Tengo experiencia como voluntaria y coordinador de Ulpan en el Kibutz Ramat Hashofet en Israel.


1976, first day at public School
National school 702, General Mosconi (salta)

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